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Monday, November 29, 2004

Speaking Out

Within the past century, conservatives put into power tend to squander that power. Being in the opposition may have limited the ability of conservatives to understand the power granted to them by the public. We must be sure this mistake does not continue.

I believe the American people have given the GOP a mandate to actively pursue conservative policies. And these policies are, by nature, 'actionary' policies. The American public has asked the conservatives in government to change the nature of the beast that has been controlling and regulating their lives for the past century. They have granted the GOP majority status, and the GOP must act as such.

The most important thing to maintaining the power base must be speaking out. Conservatives must learn to direct American policy as the norm. This requires the average conservative to be more active in their beliefs. I know that it is really easy to sit back and allow liberals to screw up on their own. Americans do not trust liberal policy at this point in the game. We must get our views across, though. The grass roots movement that achieved success in the recent election was not a passive movement. Conservatives spoke out. America listened.

Now we must actually become the 'actionary' I have discussed. It must drive to the essence of what the new conservative can be. Our rhetoric and our actions must change in the era of the conservative being in the majority. Our message struck home with the average American, and we must not let them forget what that message is.

So speak up, whatever the circumstance. You have nothing to fear. Do not let liberals belittle your ideas. A majority of Americans cannot be the 'idiots' liberals would have us believe. We are intelligent and thoughtful individuals with an agenda for the future of our country, and the world. The New Burkeian will be an 'actionary' in thought, and action. Will you?

Friday, November 26, 2004

And Family

The importance of family cannot be expressed in words. I will attempt it.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food. I love seeing old friends. And, most important, I love seeing my family. The connection of kinship is the deepest connection known to man. My very being flows through these people I have come to know and trust so well. I have the blessing of good friends. I have an even bigger blessing of a tremendous family. They have, and will always, support and encourage me. There is no need to list them because, as a whole, they are kind and noble people.

I am very aware of their influence upon me. I turn to them for anything. Knowing they are there is my greatest motivation.

The New Burkeian was not born in a vacuum. He is influenced by and appreciates his family. I hope this gives a little better understanding of the motivation behind this blog. Whether they agree with me or not, my motivation comes from the love of my family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Friedship is about support. You do not always have to agree.

I returned home for Thanksgiving and spent some time with my friends from home. We have spread all around the country, but we still keep in contact with each other. I think we will always keep in touch. These guys mean a lot to me. Sometimes we do not agree, but we always give each other support. And when we get together it is like we have not been apart.

These are the guys I get my strength from. These are the guys I can rely on. I hope that everyone can find friends like mine.

I just had to ignore politics today to give a shout out to my boys: JC for life baby!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The 'Actionary' in Action

So what has been going on in the world of conservative rule? Well, soon after I started this blog, I realized that I was not writing about a movement I wanted to start. In fact, I was writing about the movement that had already been started. The average American was sick of being told what was 'right' and 'wrong' by the liberal establishment. Conservatives realized they could no longer sit back while liberals ruined our country. The 'actionary' was born.

The New Burkeian, being a product of this new conservative movement, is gradually coming into focus. Hopefully, as my ideas come more into focus, more people will come across them. I think there are a lot of Americans that agree with the New Burkeian, but, because of being bombarded by MSM, they have no outlet for their thoughts. Well, I encourage more people to an open debate on the movement of the 'actionary'. What do you think of this movement, and where should it go? Please leave more comments or start your own blog on these ideas.

President Bush is taking an even more active role in changing the establishment in his second term. I think surrounding himself by faithful associates is a good thing. I am sick of cabinet level advisors kowtowing to the Washington establishment. Fred Barnes disusses this on Opinion Journal. "It's become more Republican in recent years but is still center-left in ideological tilt. But it's liberal in a reactionary way, passionately opposing conservative change."
To counter that 'reaction' we need more forceful people in the cabinet. President Bush is doing a very good job of getting those 'actionaries' inplace. We have to do our own part, too. Politicians are not the only people that can promote the 'actionary' cause.

And speaking of the 'actionary' cause, that same article printed a fairly accurate description of what the New Burkeian believes to be good policy.

"Mr. Bush's agenda is post-Reagan in its conservatism, which means it's more far-reaching and thus more threatening to the establishment. Mr. Bush would not only reform Social Security and allow individuals to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in financial markets, he would also revamp the entire federal tax code and fill the Supreme Court with judicial conservatives. And those are only his domestic plans. In foreign affairs, Mr. Bush would make aggressive efforts to spread democracy around the world the centerpiece. The foreign policy élite is aghast."

The New Burkeian believes these policies are crucial in the President's second term. Sometimes just talking about these things with other people can get the message out. Every vote counts and every voice can be heard. The 'actionary' will do whatever it takes to be heard. Let us get things changed for the better.

Monday, November 22, 2004


Reginald Jones recently came to speak at the University of Missouri. Mr. Jones has been active in the hip-hop community. Now he speaks on various conservative issues. The main topic of discussion was diversity.

Mr. Jones is against forced diversity for the sake of diversity. He acknowledges the benefits of diversity in specific situations, though. In a question&answer session after his speech we discussed the issue of diversity on campuses. Mr. Jones suggested that if we were truly dedicated to the value of diversity we should not stop at racial diversity. Universities should not be selective in the application of diversity. Religious, intellectual, and ideological diversity should be promoted, as well. That is to say if liberals truly believe in academic freedom through diversity.

95% of Mizzou faculty contribute to the Democratic Party. And this is not limited to the University of Missouri. John Fund of OpinionJournal discusses the problem with intellectual diversity on most college campuses. I have to be careful in the presence of some professors on our campus. I believe it is detrimental to the conservative on campus to espouse his views in class for fear of 'retaliation' from professors. Objectivity only goes as far as liberalism. The ideal of 'academic freedom' has gone so far as to eliminate a conservative presence in college life. Our alternative(conservative and libertarian) paper on campus, Equitas, cannot be issued without tons of issues being thrown in the trash by 'free-thought' liberals on campus.

It has recently come to my attention how far liberals on campus will go to supress alternative thought. At the University of Pennsylvania, one college professor has come under major attack from the college administration. In a psychology class Professor Gil-White discusses the psychology of ethnicity. The focus is on the basis for hatred between various ethnicities. He does not hold the liberal line on issues such as Israel-Palestine. The university has changed the class description in its catalog(something on reproduction) and limited acces to the class. He has come under attack from his own Department of Psychology at the university with some rather nasty threats.

Is this what 'academic freedom' and the 'value of diversity' have come to? It is okay to express your conclusions, as long as you hold the liberal line. And if you stray from that line of reasoning, you will be marked as an unintelligent fascist(or an Uncle Tom if you're black) by the powers that be. And liberals wonder why the American public did not support their policies in our recent elections. The New Burkeian and the new conservative 'actionary' will not sit on the sidelines anymore. Liberals beware! Mwuahahahahahahahahaha!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Vichy America

Ali, of IraqtheModel, has some interesting comments about France. Wow! And I thought I disliked the French a lot. Ali makes a really good point, though. Why should anyone support the Democracy in Iraq, or elsewhere, if it is not profitable? Heck, why should America even support this 'money pit' of an adventure?

It is really easy for America to sit back and profit from the world. Was that not what the 90s was all about? Why endanger lives and relationships when we can make money? This seems to be the attitude of a number of opponents to the War on Terror, and its inherent promotion of Democracy. I always believed that America served an ideal larger than that. I thought our history was about Liberty. Sure, there were times when Liberty was not universal, but we progressed. All of our major struggles have been about the spread Liberty. I might add that Republicans have been behind the spread of Liberty at every juncture, but that would be gloating.

When the Cold War ended we had eliminated the bi-polar enemy that had haunted us for years. It was a new era. Americans could focus on prosperity. We could be selfish to the world in our pursuit of prosperity because there was no more threat to the world order. We were wrong, though. We sold out Liberty for prosperity and 9/11 happened. The end of the Soviet Union was not the end of Tyranny. It was a tough lesson, but it is one that many have still not learned. Even if we choose to ignore the world in the pursuit of prosperity, the world will not ignore us. We should have learned our lesson after WWII. I will admit that even I forgot that lesson.

Now the blood of the victims of terrorism are on our hands. We could have done something about this years ago. We could have fought Tyranny wherever it stood. We could have promoted Liberty throughout the world in the hopes that one day the world as a whole could focus on prosperity. Instead, like Vichy France, we sold out to our enemies to preserve lives temporarily. And it was temporary. We had fun for a decade. Now it is time to refocus on what America is all about. If you search deep enough, you will find the Truth of America to be 'self-evident'.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Many liberals claim that our President is a corrupt individual. They accuse President Bush as being directed by Big Oil. They accuse him of alterior motives in his policy direction. They accuse his supporters of being morons.

Well, as liberals are supposedly the defender of Democracy and civil liberties, they should understand the basis of Common Law. Every individual is innocent until proven guilty. Is there something wrong with this concept or should it not apply to the President? I do not claim to have all the evidence to the contrary, but how can I defend our President when the evidence for his corruption is never backed up by fact. Give me factual evidence of his corruption and I might be able to respond. Liberals accusing every member of this Administration of corruption remind me of the Red Guards during China's 'successful' Cultural Revolution. Is this what liberals will resort to; the destruction of society in the name of revolution?

Is it so hard to understand that this President is simply acting upon the principle of Liberty? You may not agree with this, but I fail to believe over half the American population was duped by the War On Terrorism. People voted for President Bush because they believe in the universal principle of Liberty. Do liberals not believe Iraqis have the capacity or the right to Democracy? What is more corrupt: allowing a dictator to kill and harass his people or helping to establish a free society? And just because something is hard or difficult is no excuse to fail an attempt. Half of the American population did not agree with Independence from Britain. Should we still be English subjects? I guess India should not have proceeded with their Independence because their 'culture' was not ready for Democracy. Mexico too, for that matter. And certainly Indonesia cannot be ready for Democracy. I mean, Muslims cannot understand Democracy, right? That's all BS. Liberty is not the reserved right of liberals or Democrats.

If you want to really talk about corruption, then let us talk about the UN. Now that's Corruption with a capital C. The UN, a monolithic bureaucracy, is the epitome of Liberal policy gone wrong. This is what the 'actionary' is up against: entrenched corruption. Conservatives can no longer sit back and respond when liberals go to far. Oil for Food money was given to suicide bomber's families. Are you kidding me? Is this what the American public is supposed to support? I suggest all liberals become isolationists to 'cleanse' themselves of their failures in World Democracy. The UN has gone the way of the Soviet Union, the League of Nations, and the Kellog-Briand Pact. Now it is time for the conservatives to clean up this mess, and start anew. If you do not like that, then move to Canada like you have been threatening to do for the past four years. Or do liberals not have any backbone when it comes to anything?

PS I encourage debate through comments, but please try to be nasty in a civil way. There is no need for foul language. Liberty is universal, but in the case of my blog I am dictator. The New Burkeian directs the thoughts and ideas here. If you feel a need to express yourself any other way, then start your own blog. I will be happy to read it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Blogging Iraqi Style

Recently I've been browsing some Iraqi blogs. They are quite interesting. There is obviously a wide range of blogs from Iraq. The few I visit are simply Iraqis expressing opinions on the Democratization of Iraq.

Iraq the Model seems to be the thoughts and opinions of three doctors (or dentists?). They just celebrated there One Year Anniversary. These guys bring a lot of insight into the new freedoms and rights of Iraqis. They link to a lot of other Arab and Iraqi bloggers. Some are clearly anti-Western or anti-Semetic, but it provides insight into the Arab mind. It is at least refreshing to view this on your own time rather than have the Main Stream Media shove it down your throat.

Ibn al-Rafidain has been the most interesting to me. While he talks of the political aspects of our intervention, he focuses more on the day-to-day lives of Iraqis. There is interesting discussion on Islamic traditions and holidays, and how they relate to the current situation. It also seems to be more personal and insightful into life of an average Iraqi.

Iraqi4Ever is an interesting site. He seems to rant a bit and it's quite a good read.

All in all, these sites are very helpful in understanding the situation in Iraq. For the most part, Iraqis are thankful for American intervention and do not wish for American troops to leave any time soon. These guys understand it will be difficult to secure Freedom in an Iraqi Democracy, but they are also not willing to give up. It says a lot about the character of the people of Iraq. They are not the stereotypical Arabs our media would project. They are a proud and honorable people and deserve the chance to secure their rights to Liberty. They give me hope for a peaceful future in Democracy.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Progression Through Conservatism

"A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation."
-Edmund Burke

Time and time again we see the wisdom of Burke through his works. While he focuses on classical conservatism in 18th century Britian, we can apply these classic ideas to our modern political situation. Indeed we have witnessed the 'means of change' in our most recent poltical elections. America is no longer the classical liberal state. We have entered the age of the modern conservative state and the 'conservation' of the American political system as a 'Beacon of Liberty'.

Throughout our history the American political system exemplified the classical liberal state that emerged throughout the world in the 19th century. The classic idea of the state's responsibility for the welfare of its citizens was pushed forward. The high-point of this process can be seen in the policies of the New Deal under FDR. There was a time and a place for liberal policies in this country and other democracies, but America has turned a new page.

The New Burkeian does not believe it is necessary to push through these policies anymore. I do not think any president, liberal or conservative, would be so detrimental to the welfare of his citizens. It will be pretty hard to screw up this country any time soon. And the American people have decided that this is not the time for America to slip into the obscurity of world democracies. No liberal will be able to turn America inward in this new era. No liberal presidential candidate will be able to run on that platform without the massive 'get out the vote' effort we so recently witnessed. A new conservatism has appeared on the political horizon.

America now has the responsibility to promote the causes we have have accomplished. We have seen the good in Democracy, and the positive goal of Liberty. We understand that the next progression in Democracy is not a move towards socialism. The next progression is the preservation and promotion of Democracy throughout the world. Our system may not be perfect, but it is the most perfect system available to the masses of the world.

Conservatism is no longer the movement of 'reaction'. Conservatives, through the Republican Party, have championed this new movement in America. We will steadily progress the Liberty of Americans through the promotion of Democracy and the Democratic Process. Government will not regulate the common citizen without the approval of the Democratic Process. The best way to promote the continued success of our citizens is to promote the policies of Democracy to the rest of the world.

A democratic world is a peaceful world. A peaceful world is a successful world. And we must not assume that relative balance in the world is peace. This attitude is what allowed 9/11 to occur. Americans must not be lulled to sleep. Consevatives must champion the 'actionary' cause in order to promote a better and safer world. A better and safer world can only be good for a better and safer America. This is the means for our conservation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Daily Show Bigots

I have not been as mad after the election as when I watched the Daily Show last night. I did not know that liberals could be so illiberal in their attitudes towards foreign peoples. They sound like outright bigots at times.

I understand the Daily Show is not 'real'. The Daily Show makes the claim that many Americans get their news fix from them, though. As far as I'm concerned they are another arm of the liberal main stream media. If you think they are not biased just listen for the applause every time John Kerry is mentioned, and the boos every time President Bush is mentioned. There is definitely a Left Wing twist on the Daily Show.

Last night, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked about the readiness and capability of the force entering Fallujah. He only commented on the American forces since the Iraqi forces are directed by the Iraqi Interim Government. Jon Stewart equated the Iraqi forces to a lawless, screaming mob with a short video clip. This just upholds my belief that most liberals are bigots when it comes to foreign cultures. They view foreign peoples (that do not look like them) as children that need dictators for stability. Even the liberals' favorite ally, France, certainly did not equate Americans fighting for freedom in the 18th century to lawless heathens. Why does Jon Stewart and the Daily Show feel the need to belittle a courageous people such as the Iraqis?

Perhaps the liberal establishment is just ignorant. They certainly think conservatives are ignorant. At least conservatives understand how democracy works. Another segment of the Daily Show mocked the amount of parties in the Iraqi political system. Have they never heard of a Parliamentary Democracy? You just need to look across the Pond at Britian to see that all democracies are not exactly alike. Proportional representation will allow Iraqi parties that gain a portion of the vote seats in the government. Who cares how many political parties there are? At least the Iraqis are forming free opinions on the way they think government should be run.

So why should I be so upset over a 'fake' shows portrayal of Iraq and its citizens? It is egocentric and speaks of bigotry. People who think Iraqis have not the ability to participate in democracy remind me of opponents in American history to minorities voting. Some people use to think that blacks and women could not comprehend the complexities of voting. Liberals who perpetuate this view in Iraq are just as wrong. And just because you hide behind humor, does not mean you can avoid criticism for promoting racist, egocentric, bigotry.

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Age of the Liberal as a 'Reactionary'

It has come to my attention (quite elegantly in fact) that I have ignored the opponent to which I am striving to defeat. And in fact, using the word 'defeat' is necessary in a conflict of ideologies where, truly, only one can prevail. I believe that the recent election is only a gain for conservative ideology, and all efforts must be continued in order for conservative ideology to cement those gains. This is why I speak of a quest or mission to spread the ideas of the New Burkeian.

Well obviously there are related ideologies that do not pertain directly to the conservative/ liberal label. I think that we can assume that these ideologies lean towards one side or the other for the sake of my current topic. Libertarians tend to lean conservative and Greens or Socialists lean towards liberals. Let me also make the distinction that we are talking specifically of American democracy.

Liberal philosophy is certainly more complex than passing it off as some form of fascism or socialism. However many tenets of liberal belief do tend towards traits in these two philosophies. The use of the state as a central means for production and economic growth is central to liberal beliefs. Sending responsibilities that are classically performed by liberal governments to the private sector is viewed with great opposition by liberals in general. In fact the very idea of social-welfare can clearly define liberal economic philosophy. Liberals believe that the state, as an entity which derives its power from the people, has an obligation to provide for every citizen. I would argue that government is a representation of our collective interests, and as such, should reflect what the majority is interested in pursuing. Our current government's path away from social-welfare programs is a direct result of the idea that people are entitled to what they can achieve as citizens of America. Government can promote the success of individuals, but every citizen is entitled to succeed on his own. As such, the conservative would have government limit the tax burden on individuals in order to allow them freedom to pursue their own success in life. These are the differences in domestic ideology.

On the other hand we have foreign ideologies that define conservatives and liberals. I have discussed the idea of cultural relativism as being central to liberal philosophy. Liberals believe that every culture must be viewed relative to one's own. That is to say that perhaps Iraqis can find a different form of government from democracy that is the best form of government for their culture. Democracy is excellent for Americans, but perhaps the Iraqis can find a form of government that better pertains to their culture. This stinks of appeasement to dictatorial regimes for the simple fact that they differ from us culturally. As a conservative and an 'actionary', I believe that liberty is a universal right. And since democracy is the best form of government to protect liberty it can be used universally. Liberals view American action in the world under our current government as an imposition of American cultural ideals upon another culture. Conservatives believe that liberty is more than distinctly American. Liberty is the right of all men, and since America has benefitted from the right of liberty we have an obligation for the spread of this right. This is why I believe the core of the liberal party will begin to promote the political isolation of American democracy in favor of allowing a bureaucratic monolith to regulate the affairs of international relations. Conservatives would have America create a sort of new world order where the promotion and protection of individual liberty is essential.

Part of the reason I choose to limit discussion on the liberal viewpoint is because I believe in the conservative ideals I have previously discussed. Rather than try to define a newly emerging liberalism, I would be better off to define the new conservatism as an all encompassing philosophy that most Americans will agree with. Since conservatives have become active in the pursuit of their ideals, liberals essentially become 'reactionary'. Where conservatives used to respond to policy when it became too liberal, liberals now react to 'actionary' policy that appears too conservative. And I mean conservative in the New Burkeian sense. I believe that conservatism will become the norm in American politics, so any gains by liberals will be viewed as a reaction against a conservative direction. Perhaps this better defines my views on the difference in these two ideologies.

Friday, November 05, 2004


I have recently come under attack as being a fascist. I think the intention was to lable me as a nazi, so let me first address this.

I have not, nor ever will be anti-semetic. I attended school with a large Jewish population and count some of my best friends as Jews. I am sensitive to anti-semetism, as well as accusations from the Left over the influence of Jews worldwide. I am a supporter of Israel, and will defend her status to the very end. I also understand that many Jews support the Left agenda in this country. Every man is entitled to his own opinion within our great country, whether I agree with it or not. I must mention that the Republicans, as a party, have supported minority groups within this country since the Civil War. They supported Civil Rights, as well. They also are the biggest supporters of Israel. And to add the icing to the cake, I might mention that this Republican administration under President Bush has appointed more minorities to positions of power than probably all of the Democratic administrations combined.

Now let me distinguish fascism from nazism. Fascism is a theory that centralizes power to the central government, especially in the areas of the economy. It is essentially an off-shoot of socialism without the elimination of private property. Government control of the industrial sector is essential in fascism. As a conservative I believe the government has no privileges in this area. I support an economy with less government regulation, as the President does. I also support the private sector as essential to the continued growth of our national economy. Part of the lessening of government control includes the lessening of the tax burden on the general public. Fascists and socialists would have us tax the American to death. Indeed I would equate many liberal policies to these failed ideas. France is going bankrupt people! Their fascist/socialist policies do not work.

In the area of centralizing government control I must also disagree. I am a firm believer in the Constitution, and specifically the 10th Amendment. That is to say that all powers not specifically granted to the central government should be reserved for the states. Many liberals would have the 14th Amendment, enacted simply to protect the rights of minorities, impose central government control in every aspect of American lives. However, the specific power of the central government to dictate American foreign policy does not equate our mission for worldwide democracy to fascism. In fact, advocating the rights of dictators to rule their own countries as they wish (cultural relativism?) bears more resemblance to fascism. I'll even go so far as to say that liberal rhetoric resembles this move towards fascist ideals.

The New Burkeian will not sit back and allow liberals to advocate a policy of ignorance. This is the quest of the 'actionary'. It is to attack the source of cultural relativism. If we really believe that there is a world community, then there must be some universal truths about the world community. Democracy is not a white, European right. Liberty and the pursuit of freedom is international. If it takes America to show this to the world, then so be it. I will not sit back while new Saddams and Hitlers rise up in the world. We will preempt. We will advocate democracy in every corner of the world until the ideals of hate and biggotry are forever destroyed. If you believe that democracy is not universal, then you are my enemy. If you believe that liberty cannot be experienced by every human being in this world, then you are my enemy. If you believe that this is not justice, then you are the enemy of all freedom loving people in this world.

If you disagree, then so be it. As an advocate for democracy I will not impose my will upon you. I think the American Electorate decided where they see the future of America, though. Until my accusers, and liberals in general, begin to understand the mission of the 'actionary', they will continue to advocate the enslavement of people worldwide to the despots of hate and biggotry. The New Burkeian will not sit by the wayside.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Election Reflection

Yesterday was an emotional ride for me. I volunteered for Karl Rove's brain-child to mobilize the conservative base for the Election. As a volunteer it is hard to get an idea of the mood of the Electorate. Sometimes you participate in hostile areas and you certainly do not see everything going on in the news. I was not actually able to settle down and watch the Election coverage until well after 10PM.

I was encouraged by the people I talked to, though. At times I had long conversations with people about the process. We discussed the ideas and policies of the President and conservatives. We expressed faith in the American Electorate to make the right decision. We even discussed everyday things that had little to do with politics. These were the genuine people that helped to re-elect the President. And my faith in them has not wavered.

I must also say that the effort to get out the vote was very well organized. As volunteers we knew exactly what was expected of us once we arrived. The vastness of the grass-roots movement overwhelms me still. The organizers were able to employ us to the very last minutes. One of the most exciting times was calling people in the last hour to inform them the polls were still open. Many people had already voted and supported the President. It left me with a sense of hope to go home with. With the massive effort by conservatives we won our mandate.

What's next? I know it is only a day past the election and we could all use some rest. The New Burkeian can never rest in the effort to promote conservative ideals, though. The quest of the 'actionary' is an ever-vigilant adventure. We must use our mandate to broaden the base of conservatives. We must promote unity in order to engender a sense of responsibility for Americans in the world. We must continue to act from the heart in our promotion of liberty and justice. We must continue to promote and support democracy throughout the world. We must continue to pursue a world where freedom is universal. We must continue to promote fiscal responsibility to continue the growth of the American economy, which in turn will promote a better world economy.

Most importantly we must not forget what we have learned from the liberals. We must not lose touch with the American Electorate's ideals and we must continue to promote a unified message for conservatives. Let's not lose the ground we have gained in our grass-roots movement. We must be pro-active, pre-emptive, and essentially 'actionary' in our mission. America will be a 'Beacon of Liberty' to all.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Burke's Reflection

Edmund Burke is considered the standard bearer of conservatism. While the classical conservatism he promotes does not always seem to agree with modern strains of conservatism, the wisdom of his discourses are still relevant. The New Burkeian is distinctly 'actionary', but the final passage of Burke's "Reflections on the Revolution in France" alludes to our modern day movement away from 'reaction'. I present his final passage:

"I have little to recommend my opinions but long observation and much impartiality. They come from one who has been no tool of power, no flatterer of greatness; and who in his last acts does not wish to belie the tenor of his life. They come from one almost the whole of whose public exertion has been a struggle for the liberty of others; from one in whose breast no anger, durable or vehement, has ever been kindled but by what he considered as tyranny; and who snatches from his share in the endeavors which are used by good men to discredit opulent oppression the hours he has employed on your affairs; and who in so doing persuades himself he has not departed from his usual office; they come from one who desires honors, distinctions, and emoluments but little, and who expects them not at all; who has no contempt for fame, and no fear of obloquy; who shuns contention, though he will hazard an opinion; from one who wishes to preserve consistency, but who would preserve consistency by varying his means to secure the unity of his end, and, when the equipoise of the vessel in which he sails may be endangered by overloading it upon one side, is desirous of carrying the small weight of his reasons to that which may preserve its equipoise."

We are currently threatened by a tipping of the boat into obscurity if we fail to reelect the President. I believe America still has a major role to play in the world. I have hope that the American people will make the right decision. We must remember that the fight for liberty and justice does not end with this election, though. Regardless of the outcome, our movement against tyranny must be continued. Never give up hope. Edmund Burke would not. The New Burkeian will not, as well.